Applications: pipes insulation, valves, pumps, exhaust lines cogeneration, cuffs and expansion joints on hot smoke circuit protection curtains, anti-radiation protection and screens.

Temperature range up to 1390 ° C.

Advantages & benefits :

    • - easy access to facilities and installation and quick removal without special tools.
    • - Thermal protection, Thermal insulation, different insulation type and thickness adapted to the service conditions and temperature
    • - Saving energy, reducing costs
    • - Lightweight

    calorifugedechappement matelasdetraitement calorifugecylindrique
    Insulating exhaust
    Heat treatment Mattresses
    Cylindrical steam insulation


    manchetterectangulaire calorifugeligne manchettecylindrique
    Rectangular cuff
    Insulating exhaust line
    cylindrical cuff


    calorifugetuyauterie calorifugevanne bandeisolation
    Pipe insulation
    Valve protective insulating
    Strip insulation
    Protective bellows